Can I use it for free?

Yes! You can upload 5 pages each month for free. Share them with whomever you want. We will keep your last 5 pages. Get started.

My web app uses backend. Will it work?

Yes. Our extension registers all HTTP requests and mocks them on the uploaded page.

How does it work technically?

Our extension copies your website (local or public) including scripts, images, HTTP requests and more. It generates a unique URL for each upload. Share this URL with your coworkers so they will enter a snapshot version of the website you’ve uploaded. Visitors can interact and leave comments on the shared website.

How can I share uploaded page?

You can share it privately by emails or make it public to everyone with the given URL. Use our Team plan when you want to automatically share uploaded pages only with your team members.

My web app is not public yet. Can I upload it?

Yes. Our extension can upload any website you open in your browser, including localhost.

I have more questions

Don’t hesitate to contact us at We will try our best to help you.